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“ When you meet new people and they ask you what you do, the answer of “teacher” is often then met with “what do you teach?”. I always want to respond to this with “children” or “people” as to me this is the most important thing as a teacher. It is not the topic that it is being taught or even the subject that is most important, it is the person that you are teaching it to. I focus on the way that a pupil learns, their interests and their pace of learning. I break down maths into easy to understand chunks, whether it be number bonds with primary pupils, the dreaded fractions with KS3 or the scarily hard Further Maths topics. You really can teach anything to anyone as long as it is approached in the right way. I have led a class of "sink" pupils in an inner city comprehensive through a lesson where they all "discovered" Pythagoras' Theorem (and still remembered it 3 months later!), have had a year 6 dyslexic and autistic pupil work through Year 13 algebraic proofs using multilink cubes and have even got maths phobic Mums and Dads interested.

One year 13 further maths pupil once asked at the end of the course why I, as one of the best mathematicians in the school, had only taught them all the easy topics. One of her class mates spluttered, laughed and said, "she hasn`t, it`s actually been all the hard stuff, she just makes it seem really simple!" - Andy

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How I got here...

Years of Experience and Proven Results

Having achieved a BA Hons in Mathematics from University of Oxford I worked in industry and government until taking maternity leave. During this career break I studied for a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics at University of Nottingham and passed with Distinction in 2010. I subsequently taught in state and independent schools from Year 5 up to Further Maths A Level until 2018.
We moved back to the Lakes in 2018 and I have been an online and face to face tutor ever since, teaching maths and physics to GCSE and maths and further maths to A Level, including MAT and PAT entrance exams and University undergraduate engineering maths.

Female Student

"I have been tutored by Andy for 2 years and she is always helpful and understanding, completely committed to teaching. She never just teaches how to do a question, but always puts in the effort to ensure that I really understand the concepts behind it so that I can then have the confidence to work on my own. She has made me see maths as not just a necessary evil for my future studies but as an interesting and accessible subject which I am keen to explore further.”

A Level Maths student

“Andy has taught both my son and step daughter A level maths for the last year. She excels in breaking down each topic into easy to understand chunks which means that they have gone from struggling to start questions to having more confidence than most of their classmates. Its not unknown for them to report that they end up teaching other pupils in their own class now as they understand the concepts so clearly. What a difference to last year when they both thought about giving up.”

Mother and Stepmother of A Level Maths students

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“Andy has taught my three boys for nearly 2 years and has made such a difference to them. She has such a love of maths herself that it is infectious and even I get interested in it now! She teaches each of the boys in different ways which suit their individual personalities, interests and learning styles and links the maths they are learning to the world around them which makes sense to them and retains their interest. They now actively look forward to their maths lessons which I never thought could ever be true of a child of mine!”

Mother of 12 year old twins and 15 year old son

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